Before you share your story...

let me tell you mine..

I'm Katey! I am a 23 year old professional wedding and travel elopement photographer based in Flora, Indiana! I am a dog mama to three adorable pups, a coffee lover, and a Hobby Lobby addict. I enjoy the outdoors, going on road trips, spending time with family and of course photography!

My interest in photography began when I was about 10 years old, I was prettyyyy good at photographing the flowers in my front yard so I convinced my parents (and myself) that I was going to be a professional photographer for National Geographic's, selling them the images I took on my IPOD and making millions. Assuming that my parents felt a little guilty for cheering me and my IPod images on, they decided to gift me a DSLR camera for Christmas in 2014 and I have been OBSESSED ever since! Although I'm not selling any of my prints to National Geographic, I am running a full time business capturing my favorite moments and I'm loving every second of it.

I strive to capture raw emotion the best way possible, and I will work my rear off to get you the perfect images that capture the most perfect YOU!